Shoe Friday #276

May 16, 2014

My friend Leticia’s REALLY amazing shoes.

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24 Hours of Jodi

May 12, 2014

Friday was my birthday.  I have a difficult relationship with my birthday.  There always seems to be some massive crisis on my birthday that always means I don’t actually enjoy my birthday, or can celebrate my birthday, or something.  I’m one of those people who doesn’t seem to really enjoy their birthday, and would rather […]

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Shoe Friday #275

May 9, 2014

My friend Colleen’s shoes.  I love these so much I asked her where they were from.  She said Payless.  I may have to run out and buy them.  I have this thing for black and white stripes.

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My First Stitch Fix

May 7, 2014

I feel like I am the last person on the planet to hear about Stitch Fix.  My best friend emailed me out of the blue to tell me about it, and I was all huh?  What?  It is like the makeup subscription boxes but it is CLOTHES?  How did I not know about this? I […]

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The Magic of Good Weekends and Good Friends

May 4, 2014

We spent this weekend at my parent’s beach house with my best friend and our families.  And the magic of my best friend, and all best friends, is just how easy it is.  Our husbands get along, (thank goodness) and our children simply adore each other.  The weekend was a blast, so much so that […]

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Shoe Friday #274

May 2, 2014

My friend Mary’s daughter’s first grown up pair of shoes.  

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The Fourth Family Member

April 27, 2014

On Friday night I complained on social media that Foster, our dog, had jumped up on the counter and stolen a piece of broccoli as I was chopping broccoli.  He’s a pain in the ass, my dog.  He barks constantly, he grabs food from Michael’s chair, as he is dropping it, and is the most […]

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Shoe Friday #273

April 25, 2014

From LL, who has a enviable shoe wardrobe, these come with an adorable story: “I bought these when I worked at Banana Republic in 2004 between undergrad and law school.  I was so poor that not even my 50% employee discount could stretch my $7/hour pay to cover any of their clothing items, but I found this box […]

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What To Do When It Rains During Your Hilton Head Vacation

April 22, 2014

We just got back from what was supposed to be a lovely, warm, sunny vacation on Hilton Head Island. This is not what happened.  It rained pretty much from the moment we got there, until the moment we left the island.  Actually, as we were driving off the island, the sun started shining and it […]

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Shoe Friday #272: Vacation Edition

April 18, 2014

We are spending a few days at the Westin Hilton Head. The weather is terrible but the resort is lovely. See you soon.

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