Update on Cutting The Cord

by Jodifur on January 28, 2014

I get a lot of email, and some of it is from you nice people, asking me questions.  One of the questions I have been getting a lot lately is, hey, how is that cutting the cable cord thing going?

The answer is, it was surprisingly easy.  We canceled FIOS TV, even though they told us we 1. COULDN’T and 2. if we did they would charge us double.  It took a screaming phone call from my husband to sort that out.  It is kind of funny because I’m used to being the nasty phone call one around here and he is usually the calm one.  Somehow our bill did not double and we (HEY, NEWSFLASH) can still have internet without tv.  I still hate FIOS.  We should have just canceled the whole thing and gone with Comcast.

I adore my ROKU.  It makes watching things like Hulu Plus, and Netflix, and Amazon Prime streaming surprisingly easy.  We also ordered an antenna and haven’t had any problems.  We get all local channels and they come in beautifully.  HD over the air is a gorgeous picture.  My ROKU also gives a beautiful picture.  I do miss my DVR and the ability to pause live tv when the phone rings or it comes time to tuck Michael in at 8:05 but I have started watching How I Met Your Mother because Hulu Plus doesn’t have the CBS shows.  But we figured out we were saving almost $1,000 a year, I can live without a DVR.

Right now we are keeping all three services, Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon.  If I had to cancel one I would cancel Amazon but I have found myself totally addicted to Veronica Mars and they are the only ones who have it.  Hulu Plus gives me everything I want to see on network television, except CBS, so I try to watch those shows live, or I go to CBS.com on my computer.  (Things got a little hairy there when ABC took General Hospital away but they brought it back after people, ok me, went crazy on their social media channels.)  And Netflix gives us tons of movie options, plus we started watching House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

Do I miss cable?  No.  I’ll be sad when the new season of Suits and The Americans come out, two shows I love, and you can’t get on any of the other channels for free.  But I’m committed to buying them.  For $40, I’ll buy the stuff I really loved.  But I’m watching way less crap, like Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Sister Wives and stuff I never really LIKED but I used to watch.  For really no reason.

The past few days we have been having a problem with our Roku turning itself off and on.  Freezing and restarting.  After MANY calls to technical support and them even calling me back once, I think the issue is actually Verizon Fios’ fault.  (SHOCKER.)  We aren’t getting NEARLY the streaming speed they say we are and it is causing the Roku to freeze.  Guess who needs to call Verizon AGAIN and yell at them?


Should you cut the cord?  I don’t know.  I depends on what is important to you.  Five years ago, hell two years ago, I would have told you no way.  But now, with all the new technology, I’m glad we did it.  The financial savings are tremendous.


Delora January 29, 2014 at 1:55 am

Hey, what antenna did you get? We still have an old 80′s behemoth attached to the top of our roof, but the cable connecting the antenna to the house is degraded, so we only get a handful of over the air channels (and no FOX, which is driving Tom CRAZY since that means almost no football).

Back in April, we did the same thing you did (cutting FIOS down to internet only, keeping Hulu+, Netflix, and Amazon), and I haven’t noticed any change in lifestyle at all. We did buy Doctor Who on amazon to keep up, but I mostly watched streaming stuff prior to the cut anyway.

Gneric Name January 29, 2014 at 3:39 pm

A used Tivo HD with a lifetime subscription runs about $150 on Ebay and works quite well with an antenna.

Lynn February 4, 2014 at 11:40 am

Ha! I just moved to DC, and when I called Fios to get Internet access, they tried the same crap with me. End of the story: We have internet, no cable, but it seems like cable would be only $20 more (if we didn’t get a dvr, which pretty much means cable would be useless anyway). I am annoyed that I am locked in a two-year contract, because I bet there are cheaper internet options out there.
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Hope February 22, 2014 at 9:04 pm

We talk about cutting the cord, but we ended up getting a new tiro instead. :p
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