Swim Fast!

by Jodifur on June 26, 2013

Michael used to hate to swim.  I mean hate it.  He screamed and cried at swim lessons so much that I had to pull him out more times than I could count.  And at some point, in the last two years, he stopped.  He stopped, and then, started to not hate it.  He started to not hate it so much, we joined our local swim club.  And our local swim club came with the neighborhood swim team, as every local suburban swim club does.

Our swim club is hard core about our swim team.  We are Division A and we take are swim team very, very seriously.  (I take swim team a little less seriously, but you know.)

Michael LOVES SWIM TEAM.  I mean, he loves it.  He gets all crazy hard core about it.  He knows ALL THE SWIM TEAM CHEERS.  He always wants to go to swim team practice. He was upset the one weekend we were out of town and he couldn’t swim an A meet and I don’t even want to discuss the fact that we are out of town of next week.  (I, um, haven’t exactly told him yet.)

Michael’s a good swimmer.  I’m under no disillusions that he is going to the Olympics, but for 8,  he’s FAST for his age.  He’s long and lean.  The most important thing for me though, is that he likes it.  He’s found something that he loves and that brings him joy.  Today, when all I wanted in life was a stupid storm to hit so I wasn’t driving to another stupid swim meet, he was all, “COME ON MOM IT’S TIME TO GO.”

Michael loves to swim.  And there are worse things for Michael to love to do.  And so, my entire summer so far is the pool, hair frizz, humidity and all.

I apologize for the lack of blog posts.  I love our pool, but their wifi is terrible.


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Shana D June 26, 2013 at 9:00 pm

That is so awesome, especially that it is something he loves so much now!

My oldest used to be a fish then fell in while at my in laws and has be fearful of it since. This was seven years ago and he is just now started to get over his fear.
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Dana June 26, 2013 at 9:01 pm

I feel you. Two of my kids are on the swim team for the first time this summer. We got to the pool this morning at 7:15 for practice. We didn’t leave for home until 2:30. My summer is the pool too.
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kim/the maker mom June 27, 2013 at 8:56 am

My son was also the screaming child in swim class and this summer he’s TEACHING little kids to swim in that same pool. It was a surprise when he decided to join the swim team freshman year of high school, but we’re really proud of him. Swimming is hard core. Period. Enjoy your time at the pool!
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Sarah Anne June 27, 2013 at 11:48 am

I’m SO GLAD that Michael loves it! I was always a fish in the water, and started swim team at age 9. I swam all the way through my first year in college and swam for two separate teams for most of my high school/junior high years. I have the best memories, and learned some of the greatest lessons on swim team. I hope Michael does too!!
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