Actual Conversations In My House Part 3

by Jodifur on December 31, 2012

Friday night, right before going to sleep:

“Doug, I think the maids stole my unicorn pillow pet.

“Why would the maids steal your unicorn pillow pet?”

“I don’t know, but it is missing.”

“And the first place you go is the maids stole it?”

“Well, we still haven’t found my missing UGGS.  Things are systematically disappearing from this house.  And why is it always my stuff that goes missing? Why are you not taking my problems seriously? I’m going to have to fire the maids.”

“Jodi, the maids did not steal your pillow pet.  I’m pretty sure Michael took it.”

“Huh. I should look into that.”


The next morning:

“Michael, do you have my unicorn pillow pet?”


“Why did you take my unicorn pillow pet, you gave it to me?”

“I wanted to sleep with it.  It is softer than my pillow pets.”

“Michael you have 18 pillow pets.”

“I like yours better.”

“Michael, you can’t just take things.  You have to ask.  I thought the maids stole it.  I was about to fire the maids and then you would have had to clean the whole house.”



“Daddy, can I have your bee?”


Happy New Year.  I hope your 2013 is wonderful and filled with lots of joy and no stolen pillow pets.

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Jodi - Mom's Favorite Stuff December 31, 2012 at 8:54 am

I once thought the cleaning ladies stole my bras. Three of them were missing. Turns out, they’d fallen behind the drawer in my dresser :) Thankfully, I never accused them.

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