Petz Bunnyz Helped Us Survive the Hurricane

by Jodifur on September 5, 2011

Last weekend we, along with the entire East Coast, were hit with Hurricane Irene.  And we were also without power for 12 hours.  Now being this was my house 12 hours is a gift. Because normally we are without power for 5 days anytime there is the slightest weather event.  But still 12 hours is 12 hours and we were bored.  Michael, the most.

Michael is still of the, “can I watch TV? Can I play on the computer? Oh wait it plugs in, no.” phase  But luckily my mom had gotten him a DSi for his birthday last year and I had just been sent Petz Bunnyz Bunch to review.

I knew nothing about this game before we got it, but it kept Michael entertained through the entire storm.  All day Saturday when we could not go outside, and the whole next day when we didn’t have power, before it was nice enough to go outside to play, he played this game.  I’m normally more of a stickler with screen time limits but I felt a hurricane was a good excuse.  And we were a little all board gamed out, as we had spent a good 5 hours doing that the day before.

The premise of the game is you adopt a bunny and take them home and raise them and feed them and give them toys.  I liked that it was different than the normal “fighting” games he plays on the DS like Star Wars or Indiana Jones.  It was simple and sweet and he really liked taking care of his own “pet.

Petz Bunnyz is available for purchase at amazon (affiliate link.)

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