We just got back from what was supposed to be a lovely, warm, sunny vacation on Hilton Head Island.

This is not what happened.  It rained pretty much from the moment we got there, until the moment we left the island.  Actually, as we were driving off the island, the sun started shining and it was lovely and warm.  I think it is 80 degrees and warm this week. Bitter, I am.

But, we managed to have a good time anyway, because when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade.  Or something.

I relied quite heavily on these two posts when planning my vacation, and even while on the island, and they are a fantastic resource.  But I also wanted to give everyone an OH SHIT IT IS RAINING WHAT AM I GOING TO DO MOMENT resource.

Indoor or covered pool:

We were lucky in that our resort (Westin Hilton Head) had a heated, covered pool.  We spent an amazing amount of time there.  The pool area was laid out in a fantastic way that we could sit ourselves down and Michael could bounce from the covered pool to the very warm hot tub to the heated outdoor pool.  They also had these lovely seats with little fire pits around them.

westin diplomat covered pool westin hilton head

I also HIGHLY recommend the heavenly spa at the Westin.  It is, in a word, HEAVENLY.   Whirlpool, sauna, steam room, I had an amazing massage, and at the end, THEY GIVE YOU CHAMPAGNE.  I wanted to move in.

Zip Line or Aerial Adventure at Zip Line Hilton Head.

We did the Aerial Adventure because Michael was not quite old enough for the Zip Line and we had a fantastic time.  It was only a little bit drizzling and it was so, so, so fun.  By far the best thing we did.  Well worth the money.  Michael wants to go back when he is 10 so he can zipline.

Dolphin tour.

We had a dolphin tour all planned with Outside Hilton Head and they were lovely and moved it when it was pouring.  We got out on the boat and it started to DOWNPOUR.  We had to turn back and they refunded our money right away.  I would use them again in a second.  By the time we walked back to the car, I had a refund email.


The food on Hilton Head island is amazing.  Some of the best food I have ever had on vacation in the United Sates.  And I’ve traveled a lot and my husband and I are serious food people. We like to travel and we like to eat good food.  We were really disappointed that the Westin kid’s club wasn’t open during spring break because we thought we wouldn’t be able to go to good restaurants.  This was not the case.  Instead, we hit some amazing casual and down to earth places with some outstanding food.  I went into vacation down in my weight and I did not come back that way.  Some of our favorites were-

Roastfish and Cornbread- very casual soul food restaurant where the chef/owner cleans your table.  It is BYOB so grab a bottle of wine and head over (early if you are in season.)  No reservations are accepted.  TOTALLY worth the wait.

Sea Shack-this reminded me of Mother’s in New Orleans.  Everything is supper fresh.  You wait in line, we waited in the pouring rain.  The buffalo shrimp po’boy is TO DIE FOR and nothing is EVER spicy enough for me.  I practically couldn’t breath while I was eating it.

For something fancier, but still not fancy, hit A Lowcounty Backyard.  Super kitschy, and the food is really, really good.  Drinks come in a mason jar, and the ambiance is really fun and good for kids.  Bonus, frozen yogurt across the street!

By far, our favorite place on the island, was Hilton Head Ice Cream.  One day we went twice.  (I only had ice cream once though.) The best ice cream I have ever, ever had.  Michael almost cried on our last night because he couldn’t go back tomorrow.  He wants to move to Hilton Head island so he can be closer to Hilton Head Ice Cream.

hilton head icream

While I wish we had warm, sunny weather that left us with time to play on the beach, all in all not a bad vacation.  Michael is DYING to go back.

*This seems obvious but nothing in this post was sponsored.  Hotel was paid for by Starwood points.  All food and activities were paid for by us.



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