Money and Power Dynamics in Your Relationship

“So, what does really matter?”

You’re wealthy and your partner is not. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the kind of relationship you have will be dependent on money, but unfortunately, many people can misconstrue that as being the case. It’s hard not to compare your different social standings in this kind of situation, especially if the difference is markedly noticeable. It might end up being the difference between a free bondage dating site and one that you end up paying a metric ton of money in order to join. The important thing to consider here is the rating of the legit bondage dating sites and their reviews. If you start thinking about your relationship in terms of what your money can buy, that can end up ruining a great number of interesting dynamics in the bedroom. Money doesn’t always determine dominance and that’s that you need something to remember no matter how much power you have because of the amount of money in your wallet.

Just Because You Have Money Doesn’t Mean You Have Power

“Money won’t matter when you are inside the bedroom”

No matter how much money that you have in your bank account, it isn’t going to change whether or not you are a dominant or submissive in the bedroom. It isn’t going to change how much you might like being tied up, or how much you like tying up your partner, either. Bondage doesn’t really care about how much money you have, and that’s something that you might need to remind yourself as well as remind your partner if money ever ends up being an issue between the two of you in the future. Even free bondage dating sites are going to make this clear to you, so keep that sort of thing in mind and remind yourself as needed if the two of you ever have any issues regarding money.

Many submissives actually spend more money in relationships than their dominants do. This is due to the fact that they want the absolute best for the scenarios that they are interested in acting out, and that means that they want to pick out their own items in order to have exactly what they want. While dominants can spoil their submissives just as much with expensive bondage equipment, a submissive that is well-off is just as likely to go out and buy everything that they want themselves. With that in mind, money really has absolutely nothing to do about anything in a dom/sub relationship, and that should be something that you remember on a daily basis if there is a difference between how much capital you and your partner have to throw around.

The One with Money Doesn’t Necessarily Have to Be Dominant

“Money doesn’t imply dominance”

Many people immediately assume that the dominant party is the rich one. That really doesn’t have to be the case at all, and in many cases, it’s simply untrue to the nth degree. This is all due to the fact that we associate money with power, and because of this, we automatically assume that the one with money is the one that the other half of the relationship will look to in order to have guidance, leadership, and ultimately, domination. Poor, less privileged people are seen as submissive, and this is simply a stereotype that isn’t going to apply in your bedroom if you don’t let it.

Even free bondage dating sites will make a point of talking about how money is simply not an issue when it comes to enjoying the art of bondage play. A submissive can be wealthy, and a dominant can be poor. In fact, this might even be a turn-on for the submissive if you decide to bring this kind of power play into the scenario that you have planned for the night. The submissive might be extremely turned on by a dominant that has little wealth and is generally seen as ‘lesser’ in every day life dominating them and making them serve them. This kind of play can fit into a great number of scenarios that are extremely arousing for the submissive, and should be considered if status is often something that comes up between the two of you.

Status Play is a Healthy Way to Express This

“Status play may be a turn on for her”

You and your partner might not give a damn about who has money and what you each do with it. That being said, status play is a healthy expression of this sort of kink without being offensive and without hurting feelings, so long as the two of you have discussed it and agreed upon the scenario as always.

Status play doesn’t even have to be a realistic display of how much money either of you have. It can go into role-play to the point that one of you pretends to be a king, and the other a pauper that serves said king. This kind of scenario can end up as an extremely kinky adventure into slavery and servitude, and your submissive might end up wanting to do this time and time again. Even if she’s actually the one with the high paying job, and enjoys spending her weekends out shopping for clothes that cost more than you make in a week. Status play can be an outlet for both of you to release some of the tensions that money can bring, and the two of you can enjoy living on the other side of life even if it’s just in the privacy of your own bedrooms.

At the End of the Day, Money Doesn’t Matter

“It doesn’t”

What you need to remember, first and foremost, is that money simply doesn’t matter when it comes to bondage. You don’t need the most expensive materials in order to make your scenarios work, and you don’t need to have a difference in status in order to play pretend at that sort of thing in the bedroom. The only thing that ultimately matters in your own kinky bondage ventures is the fact that you and your partner are both willing and excited to try new things. If that just happens to poke at the fact that one of you has money and the other doesn’t, then so be it.

Again, these kinds of kinks are incredibly healthy and a great way of expressing yourself in the bedroom and finding sexual release. It might actually end up being the rich one out of the two of you that enjoys being used for her money in a scenario, and that may be the kind of kink that makes her more turned on than anything. The two of you might actually have a kind of committed relationship that has your submissive caring for you financially in some way, and that is the sort of thing that she can support as well as find extremely arousing. Obviously, it isn’t the kind of situation that you ever want to take advantage of, but it’s something that certain people find extremely arousing and mutually beneficial all the same; there’s no reason not to enjoy it if the opportunity arises. As always, make sure that your submissive feels comfortable with whatever scenarios the two of you decide to act out, and have a fun, consensual environment when it comes to your exploits. Good luck with your adventures in the land of differing social classes in general

Organize Your Photos In 4 Easy Steps

DSLRs and digital cameras have really made the capture of pictures easier. Because of the ease in capturing photographs, more and more people are taking pictures and a new problem now has to be resolved. People have now problems in organizing the pictures that they captured especially the digital format. The need to organize photographs especially in digital format has never been this great in the past years. Here are steps that you can do so you can organize your photographs.

Always set the current time and date of your camera

It is one of the easiest ways to organize your photographs but many people intentionally skip this part because they think it is a waste of time. Although it is easy, it has an effect on all the pictures that you will capture with your camera. When you have correctly set the time and the date of your camera you can tag the photos using the date. When you leave your photographs for later, you can easily trace them by using time. When you have plans to capture a lot of pictures, makes sure to set the date and the time so that you can easily retrieve, group and organize the pictures that you are going to capture.

Organizing toolkit

Organizing toolkit

Find time to edit your collection

Back in the past, people only capture the best because they know that it is expensive to produce. This was because of the cost of the development services and the film itself. However, since DSLRs and digital cameras no longer use films, a lot of people just capture a picture just for the sake of doing it. So that you won’t waste the memory, learn to capture only the best. Get rid of duplicates and keep only the best. If you can, delete the ones that you need on camera before you upload them in the computer.

Know where you are saving the pictures

It is recommended to place your pictures on one location. There are many advantages on placing your pictures on one location. First, you can easily track it. Then you can easily back it up easily also. There are cameras that insist on placing them on a different folder but you know better. The Pictures folder in your folder is a good place to store all your pictures. For every photo session, make sure to label your folders correctly. So that you can easily access it, you can use the date as a filename along with the time and the location.

How to Organize Photos

How to Organize Photos

Back up your files

Lastly, don’t forget to backup your files regularly. It may be a tedious task but you would surely be thankful you made a backup when you got a virus attack or when your operating system got corrupted. As soon as you back up your files, you can just place it in a repository and only copy it to your computer when you are ready to work on it. Remember that saving pictures will become easier when you know how to organize your pictures in your computer. 

5 Date Night Ideas For New Parents

When you’re a new parent, you may feel like you have to learn how to do everything over again. When you have a newborn, you world gets turned upside down and you have to learn how to multi-task. For some people, this adjustment is fine, but for others, this is a frustrating and challenging task to grasp the concept of. Although you are new parents, you can still have dates and enjoy spending quality time with your significant other.

Having a Simple Movie Night

When you think of a movie night, you think of a big screen, surround sound, popcorn, drinks, and candy. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to go out and spend a lot of money. With a newborn, you may not have a babysitter. This means that you can curl up with your husband/wife and watch a movie on TV or DVD. With all of the technology that’s available in today’s society, such as Netflix, Hulu, Redbox and Amazon, you are able to bring the movies to your television screen and enjoy the movie experience from the comfort of your home. Pop some popcorn, order food and purchase some soda and enjoy the time that you are able to spend together. In order to get the most out of this experience, you may want to put your little one to bed for the night.

Date night ideas for new parents

Date night ideas for new parents

Time to Enjoy a Romantic Candlelit Dinner

Enjoying a candlelit dinner with your soulmate is more reasonable than a lot of new parents think. You can set up your dining room or living room with candles, nice, smooth playing music and wine and turn the lights down the low. If you feel like cooking, you will want to start preparing the dinner at least one hour earlier than normal. If you are ordering take-out, try to have it delivered to your home at least 30 minutes in advance. Planning and timing around your little one’s schedule can be hectic until you get a schedule and memorize it.

The New Parents Guide to Making Date Night Work

The New Parents Guide to Making Date Night Work

Spending Much Needed Quality Time Together

As parents of a newborn, the only thing that may be appealing to you is staying at home and sleeping or just relaxing. You and your sweetie can have a nice date just relaxing and spending a little time together. It may not seem like your idea or traditional date, but relaxation and rest are two things that are needed for new parents. You will be surprised at how calming and relaxing just spending time with your husband/wife is when everything is still and quiet.

Being new parents can be frustrating at times and requires a lot of hard work. Although you are new parents, this does not mean that you are not allowed to ever enjoy yourself again. You may not be able to go out to enjoy yourself as much as you used to, but there are several different ways that you are able to enjoy yourself at home while you and your spouse are caring for your newborn. It is essential that you and your spouse set aside a little bit of time each week to ensure that you have some quality time.

Beauty Hack: Tips For Younger-Looking Skin

Search for a photo of Jennifer Aniston and Tom Cruise now and compare it 10 to 15 years back. Notice how incredibly ageless they are? If they can achieve it, so do you.

This digital age appears to have kept us occupied and flitting from one activity to another. There is really no need to spend thousands of bucks to be forever young! Here are five tips on how to effortlessly attain a younger-looking skin and achieve beauty from within.

Sleep is the fountain of youth

You may say that you still function well even with less than 8 hours of sleep but it is taking a toll on your skin. When we sleep, our body repairs the damage caused by detrimental exposures to UV rays, pollution, and dust. As we go into slumber, the body produces protein that is vital in rejuvenation of the skin. So stow away all your gadgets, get at least 8 hours of sleep, and say goodbye to eye bags, acne, dull and saggy skin.

incredibly ageless

incredibly ageless

Garbage in, garbage out

You are what you eat. Now is the time to cut down on oily and high-fat dairy products in your diet and increase your green intake. Studies say that chlorophyll purifies the blood and skin, making it a crucial element in reducing signs of aging. Also, eat more foods that are high in vitamin C like oranges, guava, and kale. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that supports the skin’s collagen. Green tea is also a potent antioxidant.

Drink plenty of water

This is just so basic but always neglected. Remember to drink a filtered water to avoid ingesting any toxins. Minimize consumption of caffeine or alcohol as they make you urinate frequently, thus the dehydrating effect.

uplift your spirit

uplift your spirit

Minimize the stressors in your life

Stress is everywhere and you can’t avoid it. However, there are ways on how to manage stress. Delight in a personal relaxation every day by listening to your favorite music, taking a walk in the park, spending some quiet time, and reading books that can uplift your spirit. Even breathing exercises can calm the tired warrior in you.

Laughter is the best medicine

If you believe that laughter causes laugh lines, I guess the irony is lost on you. It’s not actually “laughing” that can keep you younger looking, but the good sense of humor and positive attitude. Negative emotions like anger, stress, and grief cause the skin to flare. Endorphins or the “happy hormones” can combat stress, lift the mood, and refocus the mind. If you don’t want to be branded as the grumpy old man/woman, start looking on the brighter side. Remember what Peter Pan said – “Think of happy thoughts.”

It should not be so challenging to feel confident and gorgeous. Why would you spend thousands of dollars on creams, lotions, and supplements, plus going under the knife, when you can achieve a younger-looking skin by just altering your lifestyle? Follow these tips and standout effortlessly!

Save A Lot Of Money On Your Next Family Vacation

When was the last time you and your family went on a vacation and not think of the huge costs it will entail? Having a vacation with your family is becoming more and more expensive these days, it makes it very hard for the family to enjoy and seize the moment while on vacation.

Fortunately, there are still ways to save a lot of money while going on vacation. There are tons of discounts and promos on venues and hotels out there, it would be hard not to participate. Also, you can do some planning yourself ahead of time in order to save on cash. Here are a few of the tips on how to save money on your next family vacation:

Use the power of social media

Follow hotels, airlines, and other vacation-related social media accounts. This way, you could familiarize yourself on the services they offer and the prices for it. A lot of companies post discounts and special deals exclusively for followers only.

How To Save Money When Booking a Family Vacation

How To Save Money When Booking a Family Vacation

Consider staying at a vacation rental

Some of the families think it may be a whole lot cheaper staying at a vacation rental than a hotel. According to experts, staying on rentals can save you up to 35% on the costs of your vacation. In addition to getting large room space, it’ll help you refrain from dining out because of the built in kitchen that rentals have.

Plan in advance

Buying stuff that you need before going on vacation will save you money. The reason is because there are big markups on common vacation items (sunscreen, shampoo, insect repellant, etc.) on the tourist destinations themselves. Instead for paying an extra price on the spot for an item, why not pay the regular price and just bring the items with you?

best time to find cheaper flights

best time to find cheaper flights

Book the trip ahead of time

Booking the trip in advance will help you plan more efficiently. Ignoring this might lead to cramming on what to bring, etc. Try to look for the cheapest fares usually on Tuesdays, but keep in mind that rates increase on weekends.

Look for the best rate

There are a lot of very helpful hotel booking websites and apps out there, try to utilize them as they will help you get the best prices out of different hotels. Some sites and apps automatically rebook rooms to a lower priced room if the rates drop.

Booking a vacation and saving money at the same time might need a little more leg work than usual, but it’s better than spending a lot more than what you need to and thinking about the costs on the vacation itself. More grinding for the best rates means a bigger pay-off.

Things To Remember In Starting An Online Business


An online business is the widely known business that offers trade of products and services through internet. It also provides buying, transferring or exchanging information between the company, the clients or the costumers. It allows the external activities and business relationship with the other business, people, or groups.

Online business involves greater responsibilities like conventional business. It requires more effort to make it profitable and stable.



  • Make a Marketing Research

Before you start any business online, you should at least conduct a research on what products or services are profitable. It is must that you know what your business can offer to the public. You should identify what kind of people would patronize your product or services for an instance. Know the difference of your products or services from others. It is also necessary for you to know the best marketing strategy on how to attract customers.

  • Prepare a Business Plan

It is important to prepare your own business plan. It will be helpful for you to put up your business the best and easy way you can. The business plan will serve as your guiding principle of your business. It will help you organize and analyze the detailed description of your business.

7 Tips Toward Starting an Online Business

7 Tips Toward Starting an Online Business

  • Seek Advice from an Internet Lawyer

Online businesses always go with legal responsibilities. It is important that you contact and consult an attorney that specializes in internet law to talk about your objective and requirements in business. You have also to consider the rules and regulations that apply to online business. It deals also with filing of taxes throughout the year.

  • Financial Aspect

In putting up an online business it is considerable that you spend money for all the expenses related to your business. You need to have a budget for paying your legal counsel, applying business paper or permits, hiring your business designer, making your websites, or paying for taxes, etc.

  • Finding your Shipping Service

Most of the online businesses deal with online shipping. It is important because you ship products frequently. Find a shipping service that is consistent, affordable, and will deliver your products on time.

Additional Tips on Online Business

It is important that you define your business as unique among others. You have to create divergence among other business, other products, or services. You should create a website that is accessible and safe. It should be attractive to your target customers and must reflect what you are selling. See to it that your products and services are professionally displayed. You should offer the products and services in an affordable and easy payment options. Appropriate descriptions of your business should be included.

Having your own online business is really an achievement. It may be easy or hard, it depends on how you commit to make it successful. An online business will be profitable if you do the required steps and the essential things to remember. Be positive and learn to accept failures. Business is a risk.