Overnight Camp: By the Numbers

by Jodifur on July 28, 2014

1: Letter, to my parents.  Not to us.  Michael is having fun, in case anyone was concerned (I was not), and paintball is awesome. (Paintball?  They have paintball at camp?)   I will point out that my parents are not funding this grand adventure he is having and perhaps he could WRITE HIS PARENTS A LETTER.

1: Care packages sent, that does not include food, per camp rules.  Please stop telling me not to send food, camp.  I get it.

3: “Proof of life” photos, in 7 days.  All smiley happy Michael.  At the pool.  Because he NEVER goes to the pool at home.  I spent this much money for him to GO TO THE POOL.

Numerous: Bunk notes sent.  In case you don’t have a child at overnight camp, bunk notes is this ridiculous system that costs you a DOLLAR to email your child at camp.  The counselors print out your email and I guess your child reads it?  I have no idea.  Because my kid is not sending me letters.  I am still paying the freaking dollar a day to send him a bunk note.  (Yes, a 32 cent stamp is cheaper.  Yes, bunk notes are easier.  Yes, it is a racket, and the actual website is terrible).  Want to start a business?  Start a competitor to bunk notes that doesn’t suck.  Sell it to overnight camps.  You will make millions.  Wait, my husband designs websites for a living.  Why are we not doing this?

7: Dramatic readings of my camp’s daily news posted on the website around 9 pm every night.  You should come over around 9 pm. It is HILARIOUS.

2:  Concerts attended.  Doug and I went to Billy Joel Saturday night and it was amazing!  We went with my best friend and her husband and had the best, best time.  And then on Sunday we went and heard one of Doug’s closest friends play in a bar in downtown DC.  He has a band. They are good.  You should see them.  Being childless makes me fun.

Too many to count: Alcoholic beverages consumed

Also a lot of: Breaking Bad episodes watched

Really, also a lot of: Barre classes attended.  (Please don’t make me laugh, my abs hurt.)

1: Movie in an actual movie theater.  Chef.  It is is really good.  You should see it.  We went to a movie theater with a bar and I didn’t get anything.  Wait?  What?  We should do that again.

Still to come: Our child free vacation which will include: wineries; a 10 course wine dinner; a hot air balloon ride; hiking; and all things you can not do with a 9 year old.

I’d say sleep away camp camp is going pretty well.

Bets on whether I will see an actual letter?


Shoe Friday #286

by Jodifur on July 25, 2014

My friend Jenifer’s new awesome leopard print pumps.

unnamed (1)


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The Independent Child

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Shoe Friday #285

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My friend Laura’s daughter’s shoes.

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Countdown to Overnight Camp

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Shoe Friday #284

July 11, 2014

My friend Stephanie’s super cute shoes.  (And, she just had a brand new baby girl, that is also super adorable!)  Go check out her blog and say congrats on Piper Alice.  

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Why Is Kindness Sometimes Hard to Accept?

July 8, 2014

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Shoe Friday #283

July 3, 2014

We are on vacation again, and I packed all these shoes, but I have only worn my 3 pairs of Tory Burch flip flops.

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